Council employee receives award for reducing anti-social behaviour

Posted on: 23 April 2018

Mid Devon District Council’s Legal Services Solicitor, Maria De Leiburne, has received an award in recognition of excellent partnership working to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime in the Tiverton area.  The award was presented by the East and Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership Chair and Chief Inspector for Devon and Cornwall Police, Sarah Johns, at the Annual Community Safety Conference held on 11 April at Broadclyst Victory Hall.  Along with the presentation, other issues covered during the Conference included protecting vulnerable people, an overview of work around adverse childhood experiences, domestic abuse and supporting young people, dangerous drugs networks and child sexual exploitation.

Over the course of 2017, Maria spent many hours working closely with staff at the Council, the Tiverton Neighbourhood Police Team and the Youth Offending Team, to address the rise in reports of anti-social behaviour and lower level crime.  This lead to Maria being instrumental in securing a Civil Injunction in April 2017 for an individual who was a ring-leader known to be involved in, and inciting others to commit, anti-social behaviour in the Tiverton area.  The Civil Injunction was the first of its kind in Devon.

CSP Chair and Chief Inspector for Devon and Cornwall Police, Sarah Johns, said: “As a result of this work, and subsequent work to resolve breaches of the Civil Injunction, anti-social behaviour has considerably reduced in the town centre.  Maria has been committed to supporting partner agencies throughout the whole process, which was new to many, and this has resulted in the confidence to continue to use this form of legislation to keep Mid Devon a safer place to live, work and visit.  Other areas in Devon are now referring to this case as ‘best practice’ in Partnership working.”

Kathryn Tebbey, MDDC Monitoring Officer/Group Legal Services Manager, said: “Maria is thoroughly deserving of this award and I ‘m really proud of the work she’s achieved with her colleagues and the Police.  Working with partner agencies, combined with effective use of anti-social behaviour legislation, is key to reducing crime and making Mid Devon a safer place to live.  The fact that other authorities in Devon are now adopting this case as ‘best practice’, is testament to the work Maria and our partners have achieved.”


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