Council elects new leading members

Posted on: 22 May 2015

At the Annual Meeting of the Council held on Wednesday 20 May, Mid Devon District Council elected Councillor Clive Eginton as the Leader and Councillor John Daw as Chairman.

Leader and Cabinet

The Council elected Councillor Clive Eginton, who has been Leader since October last year, and Councillor Richard Chesterton will be Deputy Leader.

Councillor Eginton said “I am very pleased to have been elected as Leader again. I will lead the Council in ensuring that we continue to build on the improvements we have made in recent years”.

The Leader reported the appointment of members of the Cabinet, as follows:

Leader – Councillor Clive Eginton
Community Well Being – Councillor Colin Slade
Finance – Councillor Peter Hare-Scott
Housing – Councillor Ray Stanley
Planning & Economic Development – Councillor Richard Chesterton
Street Scene – Councillor Neal Davey
Working Environment and Support Services – Councillor Margaret Squires

Chairman and Vice-Chairman

The Council elected Councillor John Daw as Chairman of the Council and Councillor Glanmor Hughes as Vice Chairman of the Council.

Councillor Daw, said “It is a great honour for me to be the Chairman of Mid Devon District Council. I am looking forward to the year ahead, when I will be meeting many individuals and communities in Mid Devon and beyond”.

Scrutiny Committee

The Council appointed Councillor Frank Rosamond as Chairman of the Scrutiny Committee, who said “I am pleased to have the opportunity to Chair the Scrutiny Committee, having had experience on a previous occasion. This Committee, as the name suggests, is an important check on the activities of the Cabinet, as well as investigating matters of concern to the general public, who, of course are always welcome to attend the meetings“.

The appointment of Chairman to the other Committees of the Council will be agreed at the first meeting of each respective Committee.

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