Manor House Hotel Cullompton – render repair and other works

Posted on: 13 June 2016

Latest update – 6 July 2016

Devon County Council has now issued the following temporary traffic order:

Sunday 24 July

Tiverton Road will be closed while scaffolding erected.

Sunday 28 August

Tiverton Road will be closed while scaffolding taken down.

Sunday 24 July – Sunday 28 August

Tiverton Road to be one way only with no entry to Tiverton Road from either Fore Street or High Street. Vehicles will only be able to exit Tiverton Road.

Additionally there is no loading/unloading/waiting in Fore Street:

  • Monday to Friday – 07.30 to 10.00 and 14.00 to 20.00
  • Saturday and Sunday – 09.00 to 17.00

Previous update – 10 June 2016

Urgent render works

Concern has been reported to us over the safety of part of the render on the Fore Street frontage of the Manor house Hotel in Cullompton. Some of the render appears to be failing and at risk of moving. The Building Control Officer has visited several times over the past couple of days and has been liaising with the owner. We have also been in correspondence with the owner’s structural surveyor.

As a precautionary measure, we are requiring the removal of the narrow vertical section of render where the Manor House Hotel adjoins the adjacent building and it is to be removed by the owner on Sunday 12th June 2016. His structural engineer is also to assess the render in greater detail.

Other works and scaffolding

The owner intends undertaking wider works to address failed render on the Fore Street elevation, replace rainwater downpipes and complete the rendering and painting of the Tiverton Road elevation after this latter work could not be completed in 2015. Steel wall ties are also to be replaced.

We are aware that the owner has submitted 2 scaffolding applications to Devon County Council and are trying to establish more information on when works are to start, what they will comprise and how long they can be reasonably expected to take. So far, we have been advised by DCC that:

Scaffolding application 1 – Fore Street

12 week duration, start 1 June 2016. (A detailed specification of the works needs to be agreed by MDDC before works start).

Scaffolding application 2 – Tiverton Road

To start no earlier than 24 June and finish no later than 28 August 2016 (school holidays only). Erection and dismantling on a Sunday only. 2 day road closure while scaffolding is erected /dismantled together with a traffic restriction to make Tiverton Road one way while works take place. One way is intended to allow vehicles to exit Tiverton Road only with the same diversion route for other vehicles as last time.

Previous update – 20 November 2015

  1. Structural external masonry work on the corner of the Manor House Hotel is complete.
  2. The Council has been advised that arrangements are being put in place for the removal of the corner scaffolding at Manor House Hotel on Monday 23
  3. The Devon County Council issued scaffolding licence for the property on Tiverton Road opposite (No 6) has ran out yesterday. The County Council has made it clear that they do not intent to extend the licence. Furthermore, they expect that scaffolding to be removed on Tuesday 24 November.
  4. Devon County Council Highways advise that they anticipate reopening Tiverton Road to traffic on Wednesday 25 November.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration said “This is clearly good news for the people of Cullompton and for businesses in the town centre. The Council has been working hard to ensure that the poor structural condition of the building and the public safety concerns have been addressed. We have kept pressure on the owner to compete the works, coordinated efforts and provided extensive heritage advice as it is a high grade listed building. This has been achieved without the need for compulsory purchase, a longer process and at public expense.”

Previous update – 9 November 2015

  1. The repair of the wall on the Tiverton Road frontage is now complete. A protective scat coat has been applied to give weather protection, over which a coat of lime render has been added.  It is not intended to apply further lime render coats now due to the time of the year and associated weather as new lime render needs time to harden and is vulnerable to wet conditions and frost. These will be scheduled for the spring and will necessitate the return of scaffolding at that point and are estimated to then take 4-6 weeks (weather dependent). We urge the property owner to design the scaffolding so that it does not project into the highway and cause a further closure of Tiverton Road in the spring.
  2. Replacement rainwater goods are being installed. We understand that weather permitting this will be completed by the 16th November and the scaffolding on the Tiverton Road elevation removed.
  3. Stone for the corbelled corner of the building has been sourced, carved and is now available to be installed on site. The stone will be used to finish the corner pier and the metal ties will be inserted into it in accordance with the structural scheme designed for the building. The scaffolding on both the building scaffolding and interior of the building can then be removed. We are checking whether this too can be completed by 16th November.
  4. The property on the opposite side of Tiverton Road still has scaffolding in place in order for re-rendering works to be done. Devon County Council has granted a  licence for this scaffolding on the highway until 19th November and has advised that no further extension to this deadline will be given.
  5. The responsibility for the works is with the property owner. We have been holding regular meetings with the owner, contractors and other interested bodies to keep the works moving forward. Works have been progressing and we are now at a stage of anticipating the removal of scaffolding and the re-opening of Tiverton Road within the next few weeks.

Previous update – 17 September 2015

Despite some of the scaffolding surrounding the Manor House Hotel having now been removed, there will still be further delays before Tiverton Road can be reopened to one-way traffic. This is mainly due to additional rendering works being required to a property on the other side of the road which will also require scaffolding to be erected. It has been agreed to commence these works now. Devon County Council, as the highway authority, will be responsible for making the decision to reopen the road once these works are complete (in approximately 4-6 weeks from the start of the works).

The repairs to the Hotel are progressing satisfactorily, bearing in mind the constraints of dealing with a complicated and structurally fragile Grade II* listed building. However, there have been times when work has had to cease on site because as the works have progressed, various different problems have been uncovered and each stage has required approval from both Historic England and the Conservation Officer, in consultation with the structural engineer. This has been done as quickly as possible to reduce any further delay.

Previous update – 7 August 2015

Following redesign of the scaffolding and the addition of internal support, more extensive rebuilding of parts of the structure are now able to take place. Works to resolve the stability of the building at the corner of Tiverton Road and Fore Street resumed earlier this week. The latest estimate is that they will take in the order of 6 weeks for this phase of the works. However this is dependent upon no further problems being found with the building as works progress.

The scaffolding now extends further into Tiverton Road and emergency vehicles are not able to use this route at present. Pedestrian use of Tiverton Road is still open.

In order to reduce traffic congestion and other impacts during this period, Devon County Council as Highway Authority has issued a temporary traffic regulation notice restricting waiting , loading and unloading  in parts of Fore Street between 07:30 – 10:00, 14:00 – 20:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 – 17:00 Saturday and Sunday. These restrictions are intended to remain in place for 18 months or until Tiverton Road can be reopened to traffic, whichever is sooner.

Previous update – 15 July 2015

Since the last update no progress has been made on site. The repair works and their timescale continues to be an evolving situation. The Council’s understanding of the latest is as follows:

That the landowner has now instructed his contractors to undertake the further works in order to address the more extensive structural works referred to in the 3 July 2015 update.

Emerging timescales:

  • The revisions to the scaffolding required are currently being designed by a structural engineer and are expected by the end of next week (24 July)
  • Re-scaffolding including the erection of internal scaffolding is likely to take one week, start expected week commencing 27
  • Structural works expected to resume week of 3 We are advised that they are scheduled to take one month.  (Please note this is significantly less that we were expecting. We are to checking the duration of the works with the contractor)

The timescales are still dependent upon whether any additional problems with the condition of the building emerge during the works.

Previous update – 3 July 2015

Work has started on site to address the problems with the stonework. However removing render from the Tiverton Road elevation has revealed additional stonework in poor condition. The outer face of the stone is unstable. As a result a larger area of wall / stonework will need to be dismantled and rebuilt. In order to do this work the scaffolding will need to be reconfigured. It will support the weight of the front and side of the building and will also be supplemented by internal scaffolding to give additional support. It is estimated that the scaffolding work will take approximately 1 week and should commence the week beginning 6 July 2015. The revised estimate for the duration of the exterior stonework and rebuilding the corner is now approximately 8 weeks from when stonework recommences. However this estimate presupposes that no further significant structural problems are identified as further render is removed from the Tiverton Road elevation.

In order to support the building, scaffolding in Tiverton Road will need to project further into the street than at present. A platform area will also be created within the scaffolding for the contractor to remove, mark and lay out the stonework. This will require a wider working area in Tiverton Road that will need to be incorporated into the enclosed / sheeted site. Emergency vehicles will not be able to use Tiverton Road during this period as only a narrow area suitable for pedestrian access only will remain passable. We have been liaising with Devon County Council as Highway Authority over this and the Fire Service has been made aware of the situation.

The responsibility for the works remains with the property owner. We are regarding the additional works as urgent and have advised that they should take place as soon as possible.

Previous update – 15 June 2015

The owner has advised the Council on the proposed work programme. Subject to no unforeseen circumstances, the owner intends that the works, including the stabilisation of the corner of the building,  commence on Monday 22 June 2015 with a predicted 4 week duration. The Council will also make the Highway Authority (Devon county Council) aware with the aim that Tiverton Road can be reopened as soon as possible after the works have been completed.

Previous  update – 11 June 2015

In response to the press article of 9 June 2015, the Council wishes to clarify the current situation over the Manor House Hotel. At this time no decision has been made by the Council to take compulsory purchase action. It is the responsibility of the owner of the property to undertake the urgent structural works. In the event that these works do not take place within a reasonable period a range of legal options are available for the Council to intervene, one of which is to acquire the property via compulsory purchase. This latter route is considered a last resort and would require extensive preparatory work. The Council has started this background work in case the compulsory purchase route is taken in the future

Previous  update – 2 June 2015

The Council has now granted Listed Building Consent for the structural repairs to the masonry of the building involving the partial demolition and rebuilding of the corner of the building between Fore Street and Tiverton Road. It is the responsibility of the owner to now secure the services of suitable contractors to undertake these works and for archaeological historic building recording. We have asked the owner to provide us with information on the contractors and to confirm the timescale for the works.

We continue to keep pressure on the owner to resolve the condition of the building (particularly the most urgent works that currently necessitate the scaffolding and hence closure of Tiverton Road) as soon as possible.

Previous Update – 14 April 2015

The Council has now received a Listed Building Consent application (reference 15/00544/LBC) for structural repairs to masonry, involving part demolition and rebuilding north east corner and removal of existing cement render to north elevation.

Details of the application may be found at:

A legal period of consultation will now take place and the Council need to assess the proposals. We will aim to determine the application as soon as possible

Previous Update – 26 March 2015

The Council has received drawings setting out proposed remedial works and general stabilisation approach to  the most vulnerable part of the building, namely the front corner and for a short distance along the Tiverton Road frontage. Given that it is this area of the building that is causing the need for the current scaffolding it is being given the highest priority and will be addressed in the first phase for works. Further works will be needed to other parts of the building as part of subsequent phases.

Since the receipt of the drawings, the Conservation Officer has met with the owner’s structural engineer on site to discuss this initial phase of work which will require Listed Building Consent. The Council has requested the receipt of this application as soon as possible and we understand that it is being prepared for submission within 1 to 2 weeks. The application will need to include supporting information and reports. These are in the process of being prepared.

Progress is therefore being made to establish the nature and causation of the problems and to specify repairs for the most urgent area of the building (the corner to Tiverton Road). Therefore to date the Council has not appointed  a structural engineer, but this is an option that can be returned to if warranted or if there is inaction.

For information, the Listed Building Consent process which is a legal requirement can take up to 8 weeks. This is a high grade Listed Building and as such has legal protection and works cannot take place without the required permissions. The Council hopes that the discussions that have already taken place over the condition of the building at a pre-application stage and the involvement of English Heritage will allow for a decision to be made on the application earlier than would otherwise be the case. The Council will deal with the application as a priority.

We understand the importance of resolving the structural problems at the building as soon as possible in order to get Tiverton Road reopened and reduce the impact upon the residents of Cullompton and the town centre. We are working to achieve that and will keep pressure on the landowner do carry out the works urgently as soon as they have gone through the required application process.

Previous Update – 11 March 2015

‘At the meeting of Planning Committee on 4 March 2015 Members considered a report setting out options for further action and advising that critical to understanding and then resolving the condition of the building is the completion of the structural investigations and compiling a schedule of remedial works. The structural engineer acting for the owner of the property has not yet completed this work, although it is underway. Planning Committee resolved as follows:

If within 2 weeks of the date of this meeting (by 18 March 2015), the property owner’s structural engineer has not completed a report of the structural investigations and compiled a schedule of works and submitted them to the Local Planning Authority, then the Council appoint a structural engineer to undertake structural investigations and compile a schedule of remedial works.

A further report be brought before the Committee once the results under (i) and (ii) are available with updated options for further action including the consequences of a compulsory purchase and any back to back sale including a valuation and costs.’

Previous Update – 9 February 2015

The period of time given for the listed buildings repairs notice to be complied with has now expired without works being done.  The Council proposes to consider options for further action at the meeting of Planning Committee on 4 March 2015.

Previous Update – 27 January 2015

The traffic restrictions on Fore Street have now been removed. Unfortunately Devon County Council Highways has been unable to reopen Tiverton Road due to safety concerns from a lack of visibility for emerging traffic. In order to reduce disruption for fire engines and other emergency vehicles, the road closure order for Tiverton Road will allow emergency access.

Previous Update – 27 January 2015

The supporting scaffolding system and associated hoarding is now complete. The structural engineer has indicated that the scaffolding appears to be more than adequate for the purpose to ensure safety of passing vehicles and pedestrians.

The Highway Authority has assessed the scaffolding and identified several highway safety issues that need to be resolved before the traffic restrictions can be lifted. A further highway meeting is due to take place today with the aim to resolve these. It is anticipated that the traffic restrictions will be lifted later today

Previous Update – 23 January 2015

A meeting has taken place on site attended by the property owner, structural engineer, scaffolding company, DCC highways and MDDC Planning /Building Control in order to urgently progress the erection of a scaffold scheme to support the building.

A scheme of scaffolding has been designed and agreed by the structural engineer. The scaffolding company has been instructed by the owner to commence urgently and they are due to start scaffolding this morning (Friday 23 ) and will work through the weekend to complete it. The structural engineer will be inspecting the scaffolding with a view to confirming that it meets the structural support requirements.

A meeting will also take place between the DCC Highways and the scaffolding company this morning in order to address the road closure / traffic lights including access along Tiverton Road. The aim is to reopen access out of Tiverton Road one way. This would relieve in part the constraints over emergency vehicle access from the fire station. It is also hoped that the temporary traffic lights will be able to be removed. The precise details on the timing have not been finalised and will depend upon the completion of the necessary scaffolding support structure and that the structural engineer is satisfied. MDDC is continuing to work with DCC Highways to put pressure on the owner to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Previous Update – 19 January 2015

We served a listed buildings repair notice on the Manor House Hotel on the 2 December 2014 having identified significant cracking.

One of our district councillors in Cullompton reported on Friday last week that the cracking appears to have increased.

We have only been able to undertake at this time a visual inspection from the road but the building inspector confirms the cracks appear slightly larger than the June photographs. We are seeking engineering advice as soon as possible.

As a precautionary approach having regard to public safety we sought the closure of the Tiverton Road and part of Fore Street until such time as our structural engineer has provided more detailed advice on the stability of the structure.

We recognise this will cause significant delay and disruption but we must take a precautionary approach in this instance for public safety reasons.

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