Could you be our next apprentice? We’re supporting National Apprenticeship Week

Posted on: 8 March 2018

This week is National Apprenticeship Week and here at Mid Devon District Council we have a great team of apprentices working and training with us.
Could you be our next one?

Our apprentices are a real asset to us and many have been successful in securing permanent roles with us.  We see them as an important part of our team and welcome their new ideas and ways of thinking.

Lewis Brooks and Chad Kirby are two of our current apprentices and here they share a bit about their roles.

Lewis Brooks, Learning and Development Administration Apprentice.

What do you do as part of your apprenticeship?
My apprenticeship job title is Learning and Development Administration Apprentice. My general duties involve the organisation of training courses, which includes booking rooms, refreshments and setting up on the day of the training. I also have the responsibility of booking staff on external training courses, which includes raising an order to pay the training organisation as well as organising travel and accommodation where appropriate. I also update our training records as and when staff attends training, this assists us when employees want to know what training they have done or when managers want to know what training their team has attended. This also allows us to keep track of when refreshers are needed to be issued. I have also been involved with a variety of different events such as apprenticeship events, wellbeing week and learning at work week. This involves booking rooms and refreshments, contacting internal and external people to invite them to our events and creating posters and information on the event. I carry out general administration duties on a daily basis such as answering phone calls and emails. We have also recently been in the process of implementing a new learning management system in which I have been heavily involved with.

What do you think about apprenticeships? (Now, and before you became one)
I think apprenticeships are a great way to begin as you have the ability to gain working experience and qualification as well as getting paid. Since working at the council my thoughts on apprenticeships have only got better as I love the fact I am gaining vast amounts of experience as well as getting paid to do so. Apprenticeships created a great personal foundation as after your apprenticeship you can gain a recognised qualification to further develop on in the future.

How do you think your apprenticeship will benefit you in the future?
I am glad I chose to do an apprenticeship as I know it will have many benefits once I have completed it. I would have gained 2 years of experience and a level 3 business administration qualification which would give me great chances of getting a job should there not be a place here at MDDC after my apprenticeship has finished.

Chad Kirby, Chief Executive’s Office Apprentice

What do you do as part of your apprenticeship?
My duties include: general administration, producing a weekly internal newsletter, implementing a new learning management system and a number of other key projects. As part of my role at MDDC, I find myself moving around departments and continually carrying out new projects. Seeing as I am an apprentice, I am completing a qualification at the same time; I am in my second year, so I am currently completing a Level 3 Business administration qualification.

What do you think about apprenticeships? (Now, and before you became one)
My opinion on apprenticeships hasn’t really changed since I’ve been here; my time here has just strengthened what I thought already. Apprenticeships are a suitable alternative to University, and can provide the same opportunities that University offers. Deciding which one to go with is all a matter of personal preference; for me personally I felt an apprenticeship would be useful to do as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. Doing four years in University, gaining a degree, would have made me feel restricted to do what I had chosen; whereas my current situation means that I have a broad range of areas that I could decide to go into.

How do you think your apprenticeship will benefit you in the future?
The obvious benefit that you get from any apprenticeship is the qualifications that you gain in the process, but they have much more to offer. I have gained a lot of experience of what it’s like to work in an office environment which is very beneficial. The council has also offered additional services that have proved valuable to me: I have attended many training sessions that have been offered in house, and have also used our coaching service for a number of 1:1 sessions.

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