Consultation on proposed war memorial leads to change of location

Posted on: 17 May 2016

The recent public consultation on proposals to create a new war memorial for Tiverton has led the Council’s working group to change the project site. The clear message from the consultation was that people are overwhelmingly in favour of a new war memorial but had concerns about the Angel Hill site previously proposed because of traffic noise and fumes, a non-central location and the exposed nature of the area.

The new site proposed for the war memorial will be within a ‘pocket park’ on the west side of Phoenix Lane, between Raymond Penny House and Elsie May’s café. Whilst the previous design had some planting, it was predominantly hard landscaping; this new site will offer greater opportunities for green space and will retain the existing mature trees within a peaceful car free environment. The Council hopes that the site will be an attractive, reflective and frequently used area by everyone.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Cabinet Member for Planning & Regeneration, said: “The public responded with some very valid points which we have taken on board and responded to. The Council’s consultations are genuinely held so that we can listen to the reactions and suggestions of those who reply. The small garden on Pheonix Lane is clearly valued and whilst it will eventually be developed, we can provide a replacement garden, a new location for the Burma Star memorial stone and a brand new war memorial that is a fitting reminder of the sacrifice that so many people made for their country”.

Added benefits of the proposal are that the green space will compliment and improve the setting of Gotham House which is Listed Grade II* and Raymond Penny House, which is Listed Grade II. These important historic buildings will create a characterful backdrop to the new war memorial site. The park will also create an attractive pedestrian link between the centre of town and the multi-storey car park, Council Offices, Marks and Spencer and the new Premier Inn.

The survey work that has been carried out at Angel Hill has identified repairs and restoration works that are needed for the Listed lamp post and the raised footpath which may form a smaller discreet project at a later date.

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