Community Safety Pop-Up Shop for Tiverton

Posted on: 3 July 2015

A crime prevention and community safety advice shop is now available in Tiverton town centre. The temporary pop-up shop opened on Tuesday this week and will be staffed by a variety of agencies including Tiverton Police, Fire & Rescue, Age UK, Trading Standards, Citizens Advice, Street Pastors and ourselves.

The shop is on Bampton Street (formerly JT Party House) and will be open Mondays to Thursday from 10am to 12 midday. Some days there will be themed events such as scam protection and property marking.

Julia Ryder, Community Safety Officer says, “this is a fantastic opportunity to provide help and support to the community from a wide range of community safety support services. July is scams awareness month in Devon and the main aim is to provide people with information so that they don’t fall victim of a scam that is all about getting hold of their money. This can be via telephone, email, post and even cold callers. We have teamed up with Trading Standards and Police Crime Prevention in order to have up to date information about current scams to our communities.”

On 14 July we are promoting call blockers for the day and the shop will be open from 10am through to 4pm. We are working with a company called CPR who are a police approved supplier of devices that allow homeowners to easily block sales and unwanted calls at the touch of a button. We will be offering these at a specially discounted rate of just £25 each for the month of July and will be available to purchase from our offices at Phoenix House.

Other promotional days will include property marking and restorative justice advice for victims of crime. More information on opening times and themed days will be available in local media, the community safety webpages and on the shop itself.

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