Come and visit us at the Mid Devon Show

Posted on: 15 July 2015

At the Mid Devon Show next Saturday, 25 July, Mid Devon District Council will be promoting its new waste and recycling service. Officers will be available to answer any questions people may have about the newly introduced service for collecting plastic and cardboard at the kerbside and the food waste and chargeable garden waste collection to be introduced in the autumn. At our stand we will be showing examples of what to put out for recycling and what not to put out and how you can help us to minimise space in the recycling vehicles by rinsing and squashing plastics and flattening cardboard. There will also be some fun competitions for children, all with a waste and recycling theme.

Officers will also be explaining how the food waste collection will work and why we will be charging for garden waste collection later in the year.

Since the roll-out of the green boxes to households which started a few weeks ago, one question that is being asked is why isn’t a lid being provided for the green boxes? We will be able to explain why, for cost savings purposes, it was decided not to do this and to allay concerns about the contents getting wet, how to store boxes inside each other and how the black box can be used to cover the contents of the green box. If you have not already received your green box please contact us on 01884 255255.

So get along to our marquee (we’ll also have the Devon County Council waste & recycling roadshow van so you can’t miss us) and find out more.

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