Changes to domestic waste and recycling collections

Posted on: 7 June 2017

During June we will be rescheduling some domestic waste and recycling collection rounds  to make the service more efficient. This will mean a change to the day of the week refuse is collected for 649 properties (from a Friday to a Monday) with a resulting rebalance of routes meaning that a further 729 properties collected on a Monday will require a change in the week their recycling is collected.  The changes are planned to go live with effect from Friday 16 June.

All households affected will shortly be receiving letters and updated calendars informing them of the changes to their waste and recycling collections, together with an interim collection calendar to bring them onto the correct collection cycle.  The letter will also include our contact details for any residents who may have further queries regarding their waste and recycling collections.

During the changeover, we will be providing additional collections to ensure residents are not left with overflowing landfill sacks and containers.

A spokesperson for the Council said, “The Council is committed to delivering cost effective services to its residents.   Introducing small changes such as these has already helped reduce the total cost of delivering this service by 17% and by changing routes mileage can be reduced and future housing developments can be included within existing rounds”.

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