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Affordable homes for rent

A high quality scheme providing much needed affordable rental housing has been officially opened in Cullompton. South Western Housing Society and Mid Devon District Council celebrated the opening of 24 new homes in the Town on Thursday 18 May 2017.

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Council announces winner of design competition

Following an open invitation to tender for the design of the area behind Tiverton Town Hall, the Council has appointed London-based architects Mikhail Riches to lead on a scheme for 40 new, prestigious homes.

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Council obtain Civil Injunction against ex-partner of tenant

The Council obtained a Civil Injunction against the ex-partner of a tenant at Exeter County Court on 16 March 2017

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New building control partnership ready for launch

The Building Control Teams from North Devon Council and Mid Devon District Council are joining together to provide their building control service which will be known as NMD Building Control

Posted on: 7 March 2017 | Posted in: Planning | No Comments

MDDC tenants win monthly prize draw from Liberty Gas

Liberty Gas offer monthly prize draw to tenants allowing first time access to their property to carry out annual gas checks.

Posted on: 13 February 2017 | Posted in: Housing | No Comments

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