Buy your meat from a reputable source..

Posted on: 11 December 2015

“On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love unwittingly gave to me

 One stolen reindeer
Two rustled turkeys
Three diseased donkeys
Four sickly sows
Five poorly pigs
Six lifted lambs
Seven mad cows
Eight squashed road kill
Nine pinched pigs in blankets
Ten kidnapped sheep
Eleven poached partridges
And a visit to the local A&E”

  • This Christmas Environmental Health are asking you
  • Do you really know where your meat comes from?
  • Have you bought meat from door step sellers?
  • Was it cheaper than normal?
  • Why might that be?

It might have been rustled – thousands are stolen each year, illegally slaughtered or poached

This could mean that the animal may still have residues of medicine still in its system and the meat won’t have undergone inspection for disease

Buy your meat from a reputable source and help shepherds watch their flocks by night without the thieves around

Enjoy your Christmas but don’t risk yours, your families or your friend’s health and make it easier for thieves or illegal producers to sell the meat

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