Beware of cold calling sales

Posted on: 2 November 2016

Mid Devon District Council is urging all its residents to be cautious about uninvited people ‘cold calling’ at their door and trying to sell them goods or services. This latest warning comes after reports that double glazing companies claiming to work for the Council are approaching residents in the area, telling them that the Council has done a ‘heat survey’ of their windows before pushing their products.

Stephen Walford, Mid Devon’s Chief Executive, said “these desperate sales tactics seek to take advantage of the most vulnerable people in our society. Unfortunately for one salesman, he happened to pick a house belonging to one of our councillors, and this matter is now going to be taken up with that particular company’s Head Office. The message to residents is simple; don’t be taken in by cold calling sales people, they never have your interests at heart. If you need any work doing, always make sure you get more than one quote, if possible from a company who has been recommended to you, and never sign up to anything on the spot.”

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