Beware of bag snatchers operating in Tiverton

Posted on: 9 July 2013

Marjory Parish, Licensing and Community Safety Manager, says “We are reminding you to keep your handbag or bag close to your body and tucked under your arm and avoid leaving bags by your side on benches or public transport.”

Just last week good observation from a CCTV operative spotted potential bag snatchers working in the bus station area. “Our CCTV system was really helpful on this occasion and it’s good that we have such a good system in our town centre but it’s even more helpful if you take more care of your possessions and don’t put them at risk”, says Marjory. “The system has already played its part in helping reduce crime and disorder in Tiverton with some good recent work helping the police make arrests, and this is yet another example of how useful it is”.

For more information please contact:

Marjory Parish
Licensing and Community Safety Manager
Tel: 01884 244 619


Customer First
Tel: 01884 255 255

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