“Any bin will do”

Posted on: 26 March 2018

To help reduce littering and dog mess left on the ground, Mid Devon District Council is introducing an “Any Bin Will Do” scheme. The new scheme will see Council litter bins (excluding bins in play areas) labelled with stickers showing they can be used by the public to dispose of both litter and dog waste. The Street Scene Service wants to make it easier for the public to dispose of their waste.

Waste collected from litter and dog waste bins is taken to the same disposal point and it serves no operational purpose to split this waste before collection. The new scheme will help make the service more cost effective while providing more options for disposing of waste generated while out and about.

Councillor Clive Eginton said: “The “Any Bin Will Do” scheme aims to deliver a better service for residents and visitors to Mid Devon. It will provide a sustainable and economical way of keeping the District clean by people acting responsibly and using the bins when out and about. I hope dog walkers will take full advantage of using a labelled bin in the absence of a dog bin.”

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