Annual ‘Recycle Devon Thank You Awards’ invite you to recognise recycling success!

Posted on: 14 November 2014

We now see the launch of the third ‘Recycle Devon Thank You Awards’, an initiative created by the ‘Recycle Devon’ team to encourage members of the public across the County to nominate people who deserve recognition for reducing, reusing or recycling.

Entries need to be in by 28 November; judging takes place in December and January. The Awards Ceremony will be on 30 January 2015, hosted by Matt and Caroline from Heart Radio’s Breakfast Show, with prizes and recognition for all shortlisted entrants.

Do you know someone who makes a real effort – a neighbour, friend, or maybe someone who works at a local business or is involved in a community group? A member of your local collection crew who picks up your recycling or works at a recycling centre? Or perhaps goes to a school or college as a student, teacher, helper or member of the support staff? Whoever they are, if they reduce, reuse or recycle exceptionally well, please get in touch!

If you would like to nominate someone, please fill in the quick nomination form at – they deserve it!

Says Liz Jarvis, Senior Waste Manager: “Last year we had over 50 nominations and we’re hoping to receive even more this year! It’s such a pleasure to hear about amazing people in the community who do so much to keep Devon beautiful; they really are an inspiration.”

The overall Recycle Devon hero last year was Dean Mallon from Otter Rotters, who despite challenging personal issues to overcome, found the confidence to volunteer on the garden waste scheme rounds. Eventually he became an inspiration for his learning disabled co-workers, gained a reputation for being hard working and reliable and is well on the way to getting into paid employment. Dean’s story is a very special one, and he continues to show the way to many others in his community.

The ‘Recycle Devon Thank You Awards’ has a new category this year – ‘School Group or Class Recycling Hero’ in recognition of the number of schools now putting reuse and recycling schemes high on the agenda for young people. Some schools or colleges have come up with truly innovative ways to change perception and cut down on waste. Are you involved or aware of a school or college that is?

Other Categories are:

Your Recycling Hero (friend, family member, neighbour or local champion)
School Recycling Hero – 3 categories – child or adult as well as class/group
Community Group Recycling Hero
Collection Crew/Operative (recycling, garden, food, or refuse collector)
Recycling Centre Operative staff
Small Business Champion

For further information or to nominate, please see the website, or post your entry to : The Recycle Devon Team, c/o Devon County Council, Waste Management, County Hall, Exeter, EX2 4QD

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