Allocation of funds for Mid Devon area announced

Posted on: 6 March 2015

Rural Development Programme – allocation of funds for Mid Devon area announced

The long awaited funding allocation for the successful “ RealDevon” Leader bid that covers Mid Devon has just been announced by DEFRA and the Rural Payments Agency. The “RealDevon” area will receive a total of €1.788 million (£1.430million) for the period up until 31 December 2020.

The Leader programme was set up by DEFRA as a means of delivering funding for rural development at a local level. It uses local knowledge to promote community-led delivery of grant funds. This is being delivered by Local Action Groups (LAGs) and targets rural areas with specific needs and priorities. The LAGs bring together local people from local authorities, the business community, voluntary and community sector who have been delegated powers of delivery. LAGs are able to tackle important local priorities in a specific, innovative and joined-up way.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Chairman of the RealDevon LAG , said : “I am delighted that this announcement had now formally been made and that our local area will benefit from this new method of financial support for business and community projects. Once we have received the final guidance for the scheme (expected by June) we will be “open for business” to receive applications from July onwards. This new scheme represents a very important and exciting rural development opportunity for Mid Devon over the next five years.”


The national programme documentation is available on the GOV.UK site at:

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