65 home swaps arranged in 12 months

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Through a mutual exchange partnership with HomeSwapper, we have enabled 130 families (65 swaps) to move to new homes that better suit their needs and avoid the government’s ‘spare room’ subsidy. Homeswapper is the UK’s largest mutual exchange service and enables tenants living in social housing to search for and arrange house swaps with other social housing tenants throughout the UK. By doing this, often all in one day, we have avoided a potential £135,500 in possible void costs (the cost incurred when a property lies empty, the average cost of which is between £2,150 and £6,720).

Councillor Ray Stanley, Cabinet Member for Housing, says “Mutual exchange has been a key housing option for our tenants and HomeSwapper has been central to helping them find new homes. Most social housing tenants have the right to exchange their homes, but the average tenant is still relatively unfamiliar with mutual exchange so promoting this service to our tenants has become very important. We actively promote the service when giving advice on rehoming and it has become a good way of resolving housing issues. We can provide assistance with the online application, help people to register and upload images of their homes. We have also been able to make significant cost savings whilst having a positive impact on numerous families’ lives. It also helps to keep families off our transfer lists.”

If you would like more information about the mutual exchange programme please contact: 01884 255255 or email htenancy@middevon.gov.uk

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